The joy of a kiss, the beauty of the wind in your hair, the serenity of the sunset,
the hope of dawn, the wonderful sound of the sea, the sweet madness of colors,
the inexorability of nature: the Joie de vivre.

These are the emotions that inspired and pushed the creations of Sara Battaglia's
new Spring / Summer 21 collections, realised through the use of new special materials, new functions of use and new prints designed by Sara's free hand.

Special weaves of satin and straw in combination with the use of PVC are the basis
of the reinterpretation of the iconic Plissè bucket bag, from this season also in an XS size variation for multi use, such as belt bag, crossbody, or as a necklace.
Refined processes such as the frayed eco-leather net for the new Rita bag.
A rain of studs enriches the Toujourstote, whose body is made up of floating bands recalling the waves of the sea.

The concept of suit played down by Macramè is also represented in the bags through a perforated white leather design for the new Lara bag and the iconic Paris tote.
White as the color of the new Tati day-bag, where glamour and functionality meet each other, thus enhancing one of the key and recurring themes of the brand.

The sound of the sea whilst bare feet, awaiting to be put on, the shoes, echoing the revealing and conquering gate of the woman when she wears them.
From the Capri sandals that show the bare foot only dressed in a chain cutout, or the Elda, the new flat loafer, with the iconic First Date offering heels options from 5 to 55, 90 and 105, refined by the new Sweet Bow embellished with sparkling crystals.

More for Spring but also for Summer for those who dare, the Belgravia printed tights boots with 105 heel, the Spiga flat, which together with the Elvira slave sandal boldly represent the DNA of the collection.

In the midst of this whirlwind of colors and special techniques, the first freehand drawn print by Sara was born, with the intent of representing a dance of joy for the freedom of life. Developed in three colors: Sunset yellow, Mojito green and Ocean ​​blue.
From these materials, allover dresses, Bermuda shorts, shirts, shoes come to life, mixing some more comfortable creations with others more constructed, thus playing on the contrast and highlighting that femininity that is always the brand's reference point.
This season also highlighted through the use of colors like pastel yellow, pink, turquoise, blue, white and even stripes.

The collections are derived from the strong desire to offer garments that are truly identifying and that exude the main aesthetic canons of the brand, but also that bring to light those main values ​​that have always inspired the designer: a life to be lived with joy, genuinity and elegance, in the name of an all-Italian glamour and in the modern awareness of respect for sustainability which everyone must comply and which for us means producing 100% in Italy.

It is therefore, with love for her work and total genuinity, that Sara decided to shoot her creations for the first time for this season, in one of the most iconic Italian locations such as Forte dei Marmi.

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